“A picture is a poem without words” – Horace.

Traditional art takes form as drawing, painting, photography and sculpture but there are so many more personifications to art as a concept. Art can be hung tapestry, throws or fabric. It can be light features, either hung or wall mounted, a strategically painted or panelled wall, a mirror or collection of mirrors, woven bowls, dried flowers or even a collection of multi coloured and textured vases.  

An oversized wall decoration in the home of Miley Cyrus. The LA pad was dreamed up by Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mum) and her design partner Mat Sanders.

We love art pieces and wall highlights to grow and evolve with you over the years and reflect your experiences, passion and travels (remember that?). A single painting may multiply into a gallery wall, a surface behind an art piece may change to highlight the work or artworks may migrate around your space. Never feel locked in to an area of your home, it’s something to play with and have fun.

Art doesn’t always need to take a front seat and mirrors are an excellent way of filling a void without being overpowering. Their ability to reflect light around a space is paramount and when set upon different wall colours and textures, it can really draw a space together.

A large gallery of wall art carefully considered in the home of Elsa Hosk. The stylish New York apartment is a materialisation of contemporary interior design blended seamlessly with vintage furniture finds and classic design exhibits.

The different art styles of painting can also be translated into wallpaper. Whether it’s abstract photography, fine art or contemporary design, smother your walls in this method of wall decoration and don’t be shy about it.

Image above features home interior design by Katie Graham.

While art takes on many different forms, it’s all about your interpretation and personal preference. Consider scale, colour and composition at the forefront and reflect on your emotions when you lay eyes on an individual piece or style. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing local artists in Australia so sometimes the hardest part is narrowing down on your decision.

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