We’re rapturous about our new range of luxury furniture pieces inspired by vintage rock and last century glam so we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you a little about how the range came about.

We wanted to produce new pieces that were unique to the market and accordant with our brand. Something that is a step away from our comfort zone (we came about as a rattan product company) and bold in form. We aren’t known for being wall flowers and we wanted to continue that design ethos.

Our materials were pulled from 70s glam rock ideas, vintage album covers, costuming of iconic personalities and roaring 20s upholstery.

The forms are generous in proportions and dramatic in design. Our new Roxy Armchair and Sofa have curves in all the right places, its contours blend the modern chubby trend with early elements of bold art deco club furniture.

We’re attracted to warm, gleaming hard surfaces like the matte gold metals used in our new stools, dining chairs, side and coffee tables. This finish has been developed to complement each fabric in our range and bring together the solid framework with the sumptuous velvets and crushed cottons.

We love to play with different surfaces and textures and above all, fabrics are one of our true loves. We’ve chosen to smother our pieces in luxurious velvets, ribbed corduroys, textured boules and quality linens. Represented in a blend of classic neutrals as well as trend-inspired hues, there’s a style to suit most interior spaces.

1. Solitaire Stool, 2. Selene Coffee Table, 3. Palm Floor Lamp, 4. Paloma Armchair, 5. Roxy Sofa, 6. Selene Side Table, 7. Roxy Armchair, 8. Grace Dining Chair.

Our small team has had to be adaptable and imaginative pulling together this range in a time of regular lockdowns, designing from home and having conversations in isolation. Storyboards have become a mode of communication in themselves. A picture tells a thousand words and that’s where our collages, boards, swatch tiles and references have held their own.

This is just the start. Get excited for more styles arriving over spring and into the new year in our Rapture Range. You can shop the range here. Sign up to our newsletter to be in the know and get alerts of our latest arrivals.

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