Ever been on the set of a brand campaign shoot? Well, we’re going to take behind the scenes to see what a busy shoot day really involves.

This particular shoot day was jam-packed. Not only were we shooting still photography, but also a video campaign. To give you some perspective, a normal still photography shoot would take a full 1-2 days, and this time we were squishing in film and photography all into the one day.

To ensure things would run smoothly (as possible) there’s a lot of organising in advance.

Choosing the location for a shoot is crucial. We used Pure Locations to source just the right one for the vibe and story that we wanted to capture. The location we landed on was actually one that we had shot at previously, way back in 2014; the incredible Italianate House in Richmond.

Next up was selecting the amazing creatives that were going to capture our content.

For still photography, we chose to work with Armelle Habib, one of the most sort after go-tos for Melbourne interiors photography.

For cinematography and direction for our brand campaign video, we worked with Christopher Tovo and the team at Positive Ape.

Next up was our talented and oh-so-sweet model, Holly from Chadwick Models. For H&M (hair and make up), we had the help of Natalie.

We the photography, we had a shot list with all of the Rapture products that we need in each shot including Sheila, Vogue and Cher. Our team was on hand to set up the scenes and style them ready for Armelle to work her magic.

Here are a few of our favourite shots from the day.

Now for the campaign video, well you’re just going to have to wait a little longer 😉

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