Do the colder months have you craving that cosy life? Bring on movie nights and days nestled by the fire we say! Here’s how we like to transform our homes into winter retreat mode.

1. Lighten the mood

Sunlight can be a bit hard to come by in winter, instead, set the mood in your space with a collection of well-placed lamps.

Top tip: Be sure to use warm white bulbs rather than cool white, it’ll leave your space feeling inviting and intimate.


2. Cosy colour palettes

With the weather already cold enough, it’s time for the cooler tones of Summer to be folded away for the next few months. Look at swapping out aqua and mint tones for deep teals and olive, or replacing bright pink for terracotta and peach hues.

Top tip: 100% linen bedding is perfect for Winter (and Summer), as it regulates body temperature, while also being breathable.


3. Armed with comfort

Let’s face it, we probably spend a fair amount of our lives sitting down, never more so than when the weather drives us indoors. Now’s the time to upgrade that well-loved armchair and create a spot you just have to curl up in.


4. Soft, soft furnishings

There’s no doubt about it, winter is the season of soft, and that means maxing out on the cushions! Combining textures and shapes will only up the cosy factor. Go wild on squishy corduroy, velvets, and super soft linens to create stacks of comfort everyone can position, just to their liking.


5. Objects of desire

Whether the object serves a purpose, evokes a memory, or just looks great, placing pieces you love around your home is the magic dust when creating a space that you want to spend time in. And let’s be honest, “I’ve got too many candles” is a phrase that’s been uttered by no one, ever!


6. Right in the feels

Décor isn’t just about looks, creating head to toe cosy means layers of texture to involve all the senses. Comfort can start from the floor up by investing in a quality rug (or overlap two if you so desire!) Keep the layering going with upholstered pieces that add texture and functionality to your space.


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