Glamping is a movement of ‘on the road’ aesthetics -bringing the beauty of design and freedom together.

Pick up, take off and do it with style!

Think retro, minimal space and fresh ideas – GLAMP to create an inspired, temporary environment that nurtures both the need for comfort and adventure.

Grab a tent, a caravan or find your perfect small space for a holiday and transform it into a transient travelling sanctuary.

As one’s travel space is usually minimal the textiles, materials and accessories will require an element of practicality but don’t let that get in the way …

The beauty of the ‘on the road’ style is that you can go completely out side of yourself, take risks, be bold and give yourself permission to have fun!

Image credits: Main image – found on Treasures and Travels  instagram &

Other images (left to right) No.1 – 2 Kara Rosenlund Caravan, No. 3, No. 4 & 5  Kara Rosenlund Caravan, – Vintage shop on wheels, No. 6 & 7 The Ghent Chronicles & Peanuts Image No. 8 & 9 Found on Pinterest & Design You Trust Blog No. 10  Image No. 11  No. 12 Found on Pinterest

Words by Carla Fletcher

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