The human touch is an element that can often be missed in todays world of mass production. Therein lies the beauty of the HAND PAINTED CERAMIC!

These pieces add to the memories of the home, to the aesthetic of a kitchen or as a collectable investment passed down to the next generation.

The masters of this art form create and have created work that adds life to the everyday – the vase, the cup, the plate….

It is steeped in artistic and ancient tradition from Picasso to the local potter.

Whether you inherit from your family, invest in a piece from a ceramicist, design your own beauty or strike gold in a second hand shop – a hand painted ceramic and the human painterly element of the everyday object is to be treasured.

Image credits: Main image – Mrs. Vitticore – Hand Painted African Plates &

Small images (left to right) No.1 No. 2 No. 3 & 6 Martinich & Carran hand painted ceramics No. 4 & 5 Zag Dishes by Up in the Air Somewhere No. 7 No. 8 Words by Carla Fletcher

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