New product means new shots and we’re in love with the outcome of our latest photoshoots with photographer Alex Reinders. We’re proud as punch with our ever evolving collection and love to see it immortalised in imagery like a little visual memoir.

Our first of two shoots was in Preston, in the most stunningly reimagined vintage gem of a house. We love the point of difference that a location gives us. The shots are layered, varied and unique (and we don’t have to paint any walls…win!). Get a load of this…

I mean, the certainly knew what they were doing when they chose to renovate the space. The materials chosen were carefully considered and feature fresh paint (Haymes ‘Abstract Mood’ in the bedroom), floor to ceiling terrazzo tiles in the bathroom and textured, panelled walls.

The final vignette is glamorous, but behind the scenes it’s all muscle with furniture manoeuvring , lighting checks and prop shimmying (and a little pug snuggling too).

Our second day of shooting was at the house of founder and director, Katie. A family home with a library of ceramics, collected and vintage furniture and original 70s fittings. We know why we keep coming back here for shoots and it’s because we never have to bring a truck load of props with us, it’s all there already.

We also love the warmth a lived-in home offers us. The results are genuine and relatable whilst showcasing furniture that we hope is aspirational.

Sometimes a product has lived in our collection for a little while before we find the right shoot to fit it into. Our Latitude collection was launched 2018 and new colourways featuring the black and white options shown below came in a little later. We believe in sustainable furniture that is handcrafted by skilled artisans rather than seasonal pieces that last a moment in your home and are discarded into landfill a few years later.

Look at that light. Sometimes you get lucky with nature.

We can’t wait to share these new images with you through social media and our website. We know our customers love to eyeball our product in situ to help them better understand how the pieces may work in their homes too.

That’s a wrap!

Photographer: @alex_reinders

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