Heading into the cooler months, it’s a good time to get a grounding of all things fresh in interiors and homewares, a seasonal reset for the home. For winter 2021, there is a highlight on texture, nature, balance and complexion.

For 2021, we’re seeing heavy textures, beige, brown and earthy tones are abundant. with a rise in popularity for vintage, antique or second-love pieces.


With all that the pandemic brought us in terms of stock shortages, local sourcing has come to the forefront of peoples minds. Where once we didn’t need to give a second thought to supply chains, consumers are now conscious of where items are made and manufactured and how far they need to travel to arrive in their arms. Mindfulness is being applied to small and local business as well in an attempt to keep communities thriving during uncertain economic times.


Soft neutrals, warm hues and subtle colourisation are appearing in colour palettes for winter. People are looking to their homes for a sense of calm and serenity and colour is the perfect way to soften a space. For decades we’ve seen grey at the forefront of neutrals, however the shift is toward warmer beige tones in an increased effort to add a sense of comfort to an interior and shift away from the clinical coolness of grey. Layer on texture, natural movement and character and you’ve got a winning formula.


With handmade comes texture, individuality and interest. Undulations in surface provide a place for shadow to fall and light to play. Organic materials like ceramic, wood and stone have sense of stability and solidity in our homes and form key pieces of interest. It’s possible that we’re seeking an antidote to our ever-evolving, fast-paced, digital lives.


The the movement steering clear of grey, solace and cheer is being found in subtle, nature derived hues. Earthy tones diffuse into sand, soft green, rust and terracottas. In an effort to bring sunshine in, mustard is looking the goods. Green is serene and it is being seen everywhere in interiors, stretching out into inky teals and right over to rich blues.

Trends for 2021 are all about comfort, warmth and sanctuary. Interpret these key points into your personal style and engage with texture, tone and natural elements. If you’re needing further inspiration, get in touch with our team for a comprehensive styling consultation.

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