If we lift our heads above the horizon line and peer through the layers of grey clouds and rain …in the distance are glorious summer months ahead and MUCH to get excited about.

Not only can we look forward to the obvious sun drenching freedom that longer daylight hours and balmy nights afford us, but the trends for next summer are hitting us here at The Family Love Tree and they are all CLASS!  Influences from a sexy, mid-century modern era … PALM SPRINGS baby!

Palm Springs was once a mecca for the rich and carefree Hollywood babes of the 40′s, 50′ and 60′s. The need for more and more houses during this time coupled with its impressive landscapes and climate was a draw card for many incredible Architects of the era and BOY did the alchemy extend into these innovative designs.

The geology of Palm Springs is where it’s alchemy lies. Bubbling natural hot springs of the desert, vast open spaces and fresh country air makes it a perfect resort destination.

A little down the track the buzz had left Palm Springs and the desert playground was abandond until (thank god) a great revival of these bold architectural beauties in the 70′s and 80′s and THIS is where were are heading for our colour palette and design influence for Summer 14/15.

Think open skies and warm sunshine of Southern Californian – ‘DESERT MODERNISM’ is the term for this chapter of amazing architecture.  Muted and pastel colours, sandy browns, mustards, golds, burnt oranges, lime green, peach and dusty pinks.  Not to mention:, cactus, clean lines and gold plated decor.

Yes, I said gold plated decor

Image Credits: We do our very best to credit original images and sources. If you believe any of these images to be credited in error please let us know. Main image – Richard Neutra Kaufmann House 1946 &  John Lautner’s Elrod House in Palm Springs. Additional images (left to right) – 1. D Pages Blog -Architect William Cody   2. 7 Cody Crt Rancho Mirage 3. D Pages Blog 4 & 5. Images sourced from Pinterest  6. Palm Springs based interior designer Christopher kennedy   7. Image by Kristina Nilsson 8. Image sourced from Pinterest  9 & 10. D Pages Blog

Post written by Carla Fletcher.

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