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It’s the first thing you wake up beneath in the morning and the last thing you see jumping into bed a night, so we hold a lot of space for a good bed head. Here we’re going to run through some of our fan favourites and highlight some sustainability perks, hot design elements and address how you can sleep in style.

A class favourite, the Latitude. Available in warm natural rattan or rattan that is lovingly lacquered in black or white with a woven lattice insert. We love the simplicity of the structure and sometimes less is more. It won’t steal the show if you love to layer up with pattered bedding or change up your colours seasonally.

No wallflower…the peachy vibes of our Disco Headboard bring colour and cheer to a bedroom space. Boasting gorgeous arched curves and rendered in sumptuous fabric that has velvet vibes but in a modern woven construction. It’s padded and plush and special furniture piece to have in a home.

The Lantana Bed Head is perfectly formed from natural rattan. Wake up beneath the graceful wings that branch out beyond the bed. The lightweight nature of rattan means that there’s no need for securing it to the wall or to furniture.

We’re all about arches. There’s something about the smooth curves of an arch that pleases the eye. Whether in an architectural application, furniture or in smaller items…it’s good for the soul.

The Claude design has been one of our historical faves. We waived goodbye to stocking the bed head in white and have moved towards natural rattan. The Claude Bedside Table is still available in white and is just $249 (was $295), how’s that for a win?

We harp on a bit about the perks of rattan. We’re sold on it from a sustainability standpoint, but also a biodegradable perspective, and of course, we love that it’s a cost effective material to purchase and ship. Rattan is light and durable, the reason it is a sustainable resource is that it is fast growing and harvested by hand. Its relationship with the forest means that its habitat is maintained and it ensures the ecosystem is preserved.

The small communities that surround these forests are stewards of these habitats and they maintain a biodiverse landscape that is home to many species of wildlife. The vine that the rattan poles are enclosed within, climb and entangle themselves around the trees, then harvested without the use of chemicals and with minimal energy. Your rattan piece is designed to endure generations of time, and at the end of its lifespan, it is returned to the earth where it biodegrades. It’s a pretty amazing product.

The Carrington Collection was one that we designed in 2017. We’ve since narrowed the range down to the daybed only (you’ll still find one king sized bed head online) but it was a fan favourite while it had it’s run. You can never take anything for granted, shop them while they’re hot or they may leave forever. We love that the rattan wings give you a sense of enclosure and security while you snooze…and a hint of drama!

I told you we love arches. Imagined in 2016, here in our Melbourne studio, the Palm Springs Collection came alive. Deck out your sleep-ins with the winding, organic forms of entangled palm leaves. Now you can bring the great outdoors in and lay beneath this cleverly crafted bed head.

Make your headboard the hero of your sleep space. All of these and more designs are available to shop on our website. https://www.thefamilylovetree.com.au/furniture/bed-heads

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