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It’s important in times like this, now more than ever, to understand where our products come from and what impact they have on our environment and the community.

It’s important that we ask questions of ourselves in order to ensure stability in our economy whilst also protecting the natural environment we share with other species of animals, and plants. 

Pictured: Latitude Cabinet in natural/black

Do you buy local where you can? 
What impact does my product have on the earth? Both in the production and in the disposal. 
Could you make changes in your choices to support small business more often? 
Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact. Our rattan pieces tick a lot of planet friendly boxes and we are a small Australian business. Here’s a little low down on the sustainability of rattan:

A light and durable material, rattan is a sustainable resource that is fast growing and harvested by hand. Its relationship with the forest means that its habitat is maintained and it ensures the ecosystem is preserved. The small communities that surround these forests are stewards of these habitats and they maintain a biodiverse landscape that is home to many species of wildlife. The vine that the rattan poles are enclosed within, climb and entangle themselves around the trees, then harvested without the use of chemicals and with minimal energy. Your rattan piece is designed to endure generations of time, and at the end of its lifespan it is returned to the earth where it biodegrades. 

Beautifully Designed, Ethically Made

Our eco-friendly products aren’t just about making homes more beautiful, they’re helping communities to protect their local environment and provide income for the families. Love Tree Interiors is a Melbourne business. We design locally and handcraft globally, and we are committed to never mass producing.

We want you to know, that when you purchase from Love Tree Interiors, you’re not just adding style and thoughtful design to your home, you’re helping to bring light and love to the women, men and families of some amazing global communities.

Pictured: Bungalow Daybed with Haven Lilac Cushion

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