2020…I’m not even sure where to begin. It’s been a lot.

The year that started out with horrific fires that were reminiscent of a catastrophic Hollywood movie, then moved on to a worldwide pandemic that is still far from under control internationally. It has been blemished with many more historically significant events such as the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, a tragic explosion in Beirut and even some unidentified aerial phenomena were encountered by US Navy pilots as released by The Pentagon which surprisingly went under the radar in an otherwise disaster maxed out year.

Love Tree Interiors is a small business located in Melbourne, Australia, and while we have been incredibly fortunate to ride out the wave of uncertainty like many. There have been changes of restrictions which saw our doors closed for months as well as tears and worry and school closures just to mix things up a bit.

Throughout the chaos of the year, our small team have been working from home behind the scenes creating new furniture ranges, organising in-store photo shoots (once restrictions eased) and updating our website with loads of fresh goodies to make your home a sanctuary.

Stay tuned for even more amazing product to hit our web and store in 2021. We’re on a roll!

Our much loved cafe, Kookaburra’s Kanteen is coming back to life after functioning in a takeaway-only capacity for many months.

On reflection for this year coming to a close, we are eternally grateful to be living in a (relatively) Covid-free country and that we’ve been able to build ourselves back up from the hotmess that was Melbourne’s strict stage 4 lockdown…we’re not only afloat but thriving. Importantly, we’re optimistic for 2021.

And we’re most importantly thankful to our customers. Thank you for your continued support, for your understanding of any changes of shipping timelines, for your likes on Insta, your messages of support and your purchases. It means the world to us.

From our team to you…muchos amor, merry Christmas and happy 2021!

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